Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Grace brought this piece of paper home from church last Sunday.  Her class was asked to write down three things they would like to learn about at church.  These were her three things.
Sometimes the questions from my kids astound me.  Not that there is much theological substance to her inquiries.  I just don't remember pondering such things.  I still don't ponder such things.
The most pressing questions on my mind most days revolve around the possibility that I have forgotten to pick up a child at some pre-agreed upon place and time or where I last had my now necessary reading glasses that I can never seem to find when I need them.
Life is spinning out of control....six ballgames last week.....two birthday parties to host (belated, mind you) in two graduation for two kids......three graduation parties for friends......two field trips to end the school year to fire truck to ride.....four dental appointments in one day.....four eye exams later the same bridge, one swingset and one deck needing shift working concession garden full of weeds.....four kids home for the summer.....
you get the idea.
I will get back to blogging.............soon.
I hope.
Now, where ARE those reading glasses?!

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