Sunday, August 18, 2013


He's large.....
and in charge.
Meet Mr. Bull....the new suitor for our cows.

It took him about two minutes to find his new ladies and start giving orders.
Just like a man.
Took grace and grant to see Smurfs 2 today.
It was a smurftastic movie though I am about smurfed out on the cheesy one liners.
That makes three kid movies we have seen this summer.
Monsters University
Despicable Me 2
Smurfs 2
We have not seen Planes yet.
I cannot believe there are so many big kid movies out at once.
Kinda making me rethink my one-movie-a-summer rule.
Went out to see the new bull tonight and cook a hot dog one last time before school starts Tuesday.
Ronnie has two new puppies we got to love on as well.
Home and to bed.....getting ready for the 5:30 AM alarms starting this week.
Two days and counting!!!
Okay, I tried to edit this from my iPad.
Big Mistake!!!
Sorry if it is hard to read.  I can't edit it!!!

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