Thursday, August 15, 2013

Horse Play

David out with Grace. She was riding Juliet. 
Emily out with me on a ride.
Romeo is her favorite horse to ride.
Yeah, I know....the name thing again.
Yes, we have horses named Romeo and Juliet.


Grace and Grant headed to the barn to ride.
First they had to take a detour to see Ronnie's puppy.

This is Ronnie's dog named Socks.
He is a pet, unlike Ronnie's coon dogs which he raises to sell.
I think Socks has been around the farm almost as long as Ronnie has.
The kids like to play with him.
He likes to pee on their legs.
Not kidding about that one.

Tossing rocks into a bucket will suffice for fun when there is nothing better to do.

When the bucket got boring, he started trying to toss rocks between the boards of the shed.

Ready to ride...
Whinny got to do the honors this time.

Five days to go!!!

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