Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here is a sample of what we are still pulling from the garden the past few weeks.  We picked all of this right before we went camping. 
Other than just the enjoyment of taking pictures of vegetables that remain still instead of kids that are always moving, I like to take pictures of what we've grown each year to record how we are doing with the whole gardening thing.
This year has been a good year for us.  We even have a decent apple crop coming on.
There are lots of peaches, but not too many good ones.  They have some sort of peach scab on them.
Guess we'll try again next year with peaches!
The pumpkin might be a little early, but we knew it would not last until Halloween so we decided to enjoy it now.
David picked beans yesterday when he was down there and said all of them are loaded with blooms again.  Anyone want beans?
Overall, the garden has been a fun andsomewhat productive learning project
for both adults and kids.
We learn a little more and get a little better each year
but I have to say....
Thank God For Kroger!!!
Emily has been busy the last few weeks of summer.
She is doing a lot of babysitting and raking in the big bucks.
Talk to her if you need a cash advance.
I think she had four jobs lined up for this week alone.
Here is a picture the neighbor lady took with some of the girls who live on our street.
They are a really sweet bunch.
These are some of the girls Emily watches.
Whenever we have a chance, we head for the pool.
The kids don't stay long with daytime temperatures hovering around 75 degrees lately.
Poor Grace seems to suffer the most.
She spends much of her pool time huddled under three or four towels on my lap
trying to warm up after the first hour of swimming.
Grant could swim all day.
I would say he is part fish, but I believe the correct comparison would be to say he is part manatee.
It just seems more fitting as I watch him lounge around in and under the water.
Sometimes I have to double check if he is okay because he can stay underwater for so long...
like a manatee!!
Today I took Grace and Grant to get a "back-to-school" haircut from a kids' salon.
It used to be a treat for John and Emily to get their hair cut there once a year. I thought I would give the two little ones the same fun.
We also went to the local kids' gym to use some free passes before the end of summer.
The kids got to do open gym for a couple hours.  John even tagged along and worked on his flips on the trampolines and vaults in the big kid gym.
Grace had fun showing me what she learned in gymnastics last year and Grant just had fun!
Counting down to the beginning of school.....
7 days to go!!

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