Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!

Hey, can you guess what John is doing?
I bet you will never get this one right.
I just picked up John and Emily after the first home football game of the season.


I am certain that means David and I are old.  We have kids in high school.

Everyone is off to a good start after two weeks of school.  John and Emily have figured out the routine and the routes through the halls at their new school.  The biggest complaint I have heard so far has to do with the crowded hallways and lack of time to get to lockers.  I think they both carry books for the entire day because they do not have time to get to their locker between classes.  Plus they are now in a school of almost 1800 kids.  That is a huge leap from 600 kids in their middle school. 

They are having fun and making new friends each day.  Classes seem manageable as far as homework load and curriculum.  I have heard only good things about teachers thus far too.

Are you still trying to figure this one out?
Nope.  He's not doing a graceful ballet with ladders.


Grace and Grant are doing well.  Grace is enjoying the same classmates she had the past two years.  That has made third grade an easy transition for her.  I took lunch to her today and visited with her and some of her friends for a little bit.  Of course I got the "I miss you" and "can I go home with you" lines as I left, but they were minimal compared to years past.  She is definitely growing up.

David and I both took lunch to Grant earlier in the week.  We got a few "I miss you" lines from him too, but he seems to be making the transition to full-time school kid rather quickly.  He was lining up after recess when I went to visit Grace today.  He saw me.  Of course I had to stop and say hello and give hugs.  He wanted me to stay with him, but did not fuss when I told him no.

One thing David and I have to adjust to this year is having kids in the same school, but not in the same grade.  With John and Emily, what you did for one, you automatically did for the other because they were always together.  It is different now.  Grace and Grant eat lunch an hour apart.  That is why we went to see them on separate days so we weren't sitting around between lunches.  I know most parents take that detail for granted.  It is just something we've never experienced before!

Nope....not changing lightbulbs.
Not preparing for a zombie apocalypse either.
(What is that about anyway?!)


I am getting lots done around the house now that there are not four kids following me around undoing everything just as quickly.  Amazingly, one thing still unfinished here is the deck and swingset.  Each time I think I will go stain, it looks like rain.  I even got brave and stained a bench the other day just to have the rain come pouring down about two hours later.  That does not mix well with wet stain.  If I'm lucky, I can finish before Grace and Grant are in high school!!  That is about the pace this project is moving right now.

David and I took advantage of some kid-less time Monday morning to ride horses.  It was an enjoyable morning.  Hopefully, we will get many chances to do those kinds of things now.

Here is what John was doing in the garage with a ladder and a net.
A little hummingbird flew into the garage and could not find his way out.
I know very little about hummingbirds.
I know they drink nectar and are the only bird with the ability to hover and fly backward.
I also know that for some unknown reason when a hummingbird gets trapped in the Shupe garage it will fly continuously around the ceiling never flying low enough to escape.
This has happened three times now.
And yes, two out of three ain't bad.
This little fellow survived.  He is the second one we have rescued. 
One little guy would not let us help him.  We found him dead from heat the next day on the garage floor.

No pictures of the actual rescue.  I finally put the camera down and used a broom to help.
He landed on the bristles and I carried him to the open window where he flew to freedom.
Yeah for saving the hummingbird!!!
Yeah to John for trying so hard too!
Bet you would have never guessed we are a certified
hummingbird rescue squad.
Is that certified or certifiable?!
Don't answer that.

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