Friday, January 16, 2015

Paper Gowns and Hamsters

Grace is reading more and more this year. She was slow moving from early readers into chapter books, but she found Black Stallion books and hasn't stopped reading since. Sometimes when I read with her at bedtime, I read aloud and she is beside me acting out what the horses are doing in the story. It takes great amounts of self control on my part to not "notice" what she is doing. She would be embarrassed if she thought I was paying attention. 

Grant has become an avid reader this year too.  Magic Treehouse books are second only to Pokemon on his list of favorites. I like the Magic Treehouse series because he learns about so many interesting events from the past. We read most nights before bed. I'd be lying if Isaid we read every night. Some nights I'm just getting them in bed as fast as I can. 

Keepin' it real, folks. 

Grant took a few minutes to read while waiting on the doctor yesterday. He was enjoying his paper robe covered with pink and blue teddy bears. The doctor told him he didn't have to wear the robe, but Grant was having way too much fun to take it off. 

Grace got to wear one too!

I am either incredibly efficient or incredibly lame. I made both appointments for the same day though their birthdays are three months apart. I prefer to think of this as efficient. 

Both kids checked out fine. Grace is finally on the growth chart at the fifteenth percentile on weight. She has had quite a growing spell the past year. Grant topped the chart at ninety seventh percentile for weight. Again, we are celebrating the fact that he is actually ON the chart. 

Grace and Grant with their hamsters...
They were a little too close for my liking, but the kids wanted a picture of all of us together. I prefer my hamster encounters to involve a little more personal space. 

Grade cards came home this week. Good reports on everyone. There might have been a couple circular shaped grades and fewer triangular shaped grades this time. Nothing too bad, but we did have a little talk with our young scholars about working hard and doing their best. Hopefully next grading period things will improve. 

Happy Friday! Stay warm!

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