Thursday, January 22, 2015

Random Ramblings and Throwback Thursday

Baby calves are doing great. Momma cow didn't recover, but these girls are thriving. 
After many weeks of trying to get their momma healthy, david finally had to put her down. Some parts of this farm thing aren't much fun. 

Kinetic sand....

Really strange stuff, but really fun.

Because every boy needs a bottle cap collection.

John is working a junior high church retreat this weekend.  Emily has a friend spending the weekend here. I think a movie is on their agenda. David and I are getting the last three goats sold.

A sap evaporator is on its way to kentucky.  That makes us maple syrup professionals now.  I guess.  We should be able to easily make ten to fifteen gallons of syrup.  So we just need to find people who want to buy ten to fifteen gallons of syrup .....because we can't eat that many pancakes....ever.

David and I visited the boat and RV show tonight.  We saw lots of great new features on display.  Thankfully we escaped without buying anything. 

Grant has a report on Herbert Hoover due next Friday. Grace's science fair project is also due next Friday. Can you guess what we will be doing all weekend?

Happy Thursday! Goodnight.

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