Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Zoo Life

Fruit salad?

Nope. Fruit science. 

Grace is working with the ever amazing fruit clock for her science fair project this year. We have been spared the agony of eating black jello for at least another year!  

Her project studies what kind of fruit will power a clock for the longest time. She will also see if using pure fruit juice works differently than real fruit. 

When she is finished, I will let you know what fruit you should buy to power your clocks!  

You will be anxiously awaiting the results. 
I know. 

In other news, it is cold. Really cold. Winter can end any time now and I will not complain one little bit. 

We bought the kids a new sectional sofa for the basement. It was time to retire our Florida rental furniture from twenty years ago. I am amazed it has lasted this long. I think it is made of Popsicle sticks and superglue. 

The old furniture is going into storage for now to one day be resurrected as college apartment furniture if needed....echoing the design style known as "early garage/post modern basement". 

We took the kids to see Night At The Museum 3 Sunday afternoon for a final holiday hurrah. It was a very cute movie. It is so nice to take the family to something other than an animated disney movie. They are growing up. Yeah!

Sunday was a busy day because after church and a movie, Emily attended a baby shower for her church group leader. Congratulations to Brian and Emily P. on their new baby boy. 

We spent a few days during break working at the farm. We cleaned and widened trails. Even Grace and Grant helped with trail maintenance. When they grew bored, they wandered off to make their own separate trail. Both kids worked very hard cutting a new trail all their own. The problem?  They aren't even five feet tall. They could only cut limbs as high as their arms would reach. The only way to traverse their trail is crouched down or on hands and knees in order to not get hit by tree branches. No matter. They were so proud of their work. That is what counts. After working hard all day, the evenings were spent playing cards and board games. 

Grace has joined a geography club at school. She is hoping to be part of a school team that competes in something similar to a spelling bee. I hope she does well. 

Emily is signing up for volleyball at church this winter. Go Emily!

John is practicing for solo and ensemble contest in February and considering joining the Jazz band at school. 

Grace and grant start swim lessons again this week. John and Emily have church small groups starting this week. My bible study begins meeting again in a couple weeks after a long holiday break. 

Yes. Back to normal. Back to busy. 

I love being a zookeeper. 

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