Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to reality

Our Florida trip came to a safe end this weekend. It was a wonderful week enjoying the magic of disney. 

A thousand thank yous to grandma. The gift of your time and hard work are what made it possible. The dogs are missing their new buddy. 

Thank you to grandpa too for living the life of a bachelor while grandma tended the zoo. 

Yesterday and today have been back to reality. We have been busy at the farm. 

Saturday we set up our new maple syrup evaporator. 

Still more to do, but we are making progress. 

In the next few weeks we will put the new evaporator to the test. 

We sold the last of the baby goats from last year. 

That's good because Speckles and Oreo look like they are ready to give birth any day!  It looks like spring babies are coming a little early to the zoo.  

We also fertilized and pruned the orchard. 

And maybe we dug a hole in the yard using only a stick. 
I wonder who. 


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