Friday, February 13, 2015


Now that John and Emily are turning sixteen this summer, we need to get something they can drive.

Remember when John was looking at this truck?

We knew how much he liked it. 

So when the time was right a few weeks ago we bought him his own shiny blue vehicle.

I hope he likes it!

Not what he hoped for?  I don't understand his disappointment. 
Now he can help David mow and do hay. Maybe he can drive it to school during Ag Week. That would really impress his friends. 

Okay. Maybe not. 

Yes. We added this tractor to the fleet. So I think we now have four tractors. I'm guessing that is enough to make us real farmers. (I know we are paying real money for them!)

As for John and Emily, they will have to wait a little longer for a road worthy vehicle of their own.  A Ford Explorer circa 1996 might be in their future. That will thrill them. At least it is paid for already. That thrills me. 

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