Thursday, April 16, 2015

Career Possibilities?

Car detailing might not be a good option for grant. 

Customers might frown upon his feet planted on the hood of their vehicle. 

David didn't mind (too much) and I think grandpa would have been pleased to see a grandson washing his truck. 

Grant wrote this for school. Pretty good I thought. 

Grace's haiku styled poem for school. 

My cowgirl wrote a poem about horses. As if that surprises anyone. 

It says...

Snow piled six feet high
Snow flying behind horses
Shod hooves beating fast

Not much new here. Baby K is still here. Court date is set for next month. We have a few more weeks to go. He parents are counting down the days excitedly waiting to finally take her home. 

She's really changing!
She is much more alert and has really filled out the past three weeks. 

Grant's soccer team won their second game. Third one was rained out. 

Emily's team lost their first volleyball game. Another one tomorrow. I'll take pictures if she doesn't murder me for trying. 

Off to feed a baby!  Goodnight!

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