Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Surprise

Easter was busy this year. We were busy doing all the traditional Easter things...dyeing Easter eggs, eating candy, rocking a baby, celebrating the resurrection, changing diapers, eating candy, having an Easter egg hunt and eating more candy. 

The Easter Bunny brought us a special surprise a few days early. Baby K came to stay with us for a few weeks. 

She is just as sweet as she looks too. Her adoptive parents are visiting her as often as they can. And when they aren't able to love on her, there are many volunteers at the ZOO Iined up to take a turn snuggling with her. She does not lack for attention. 

In spite of all the baby loving going on here, life has carried on as normal.  We've been busy doing all of our normal know.... Like drinking water from drainage ditches and watching movies in the car while wearing our swim goggles. 

Okay. So we aren't very good at doing "normal".  We are great at loving on babies. I think that makes us pretty okay. 

Even if we aren't normal. 

Happy Belated Easter!

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