Saturday, April 25, 2015

School Stuff

School spring pictures are here.

If you are great with details, you might notice Grace is wearing the same dress as in a previous school picture.  

The reason for this fashion faux pas?

This happens to be her only green dress.

Why is that important?  
Picture day was March 17th.

Who schedules picture day on St. Patrick's Day??

I wonder how many kids will be wearin' the green in the yearbook this year?

Grant took a good picture too.  
And yes.

The strips on his shirt are green.

Grace gave a presentation in class on her favorite state.

She picked Wyoming.

I think she has good taste.

My older scholars are working hard at school too.  Last Saturday they experienced one of the great rites of passage for all high schoolers.  They took the ACT.  Results in five weeks.  We are hoping for high enough scores to negate the need to repeat the test in the fall.  That might be a bit optimistic since they are taking it as sophomores this time.  We will see.

Baby K is doing well.  She is still a champion when it comes to being an easy baby.  We even took her on an impromptu road trip to Illinois to visit Grandparents and check on the farm last week.  She slept the entire way there and back.

Today has been a quiet day enjoying  the rainy weather and a chance to catch up on things at home.  Hope you are having a good weekend!

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