Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It Finally Happened

I'm a soccer mom.

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Grant is the first one from our family to play soccer.  
He loves it so far. I find that rather surprising since soccer requires so much running. I figured he would be done after the first practice. Not so. 

The other big surprise has been how much I enjoy watching him play. Let's be honest. I'm more the "anything indoors when it's this cold" mom.  Sadly my kids have never picked up on this little detail as they have continued to sign up for baseball and riding lessons through the years. 

The first soccer game ended in a tie. That is about as much commentary as I can offer. The only thing I know for sure about the sport is that a girl named Mia Hamm showed the world her sports bra when she won something really important. It's true. Check it out on the Internet. 

In other Shupe news, Emily is now playing volleyball with a local league. She surprised herself when she found out she liked playing on a team. Also, many thanks to our oldest daughter for picking a sport that takes place in a heated gym. 

Oh and look who crash landed his spaceship on my kitchen counter. 

He had a little help from his copilot, grant. 

These two make a funny pair. 
Grant spent an hour one day carrying squeak around in this tube feeding him lettuce and crackers. For the record, I think they were sharing snacks. I know hamsters can eat a lot but not all twenty crackers that disappeared. 

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