Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Farm Facts

David's bounty from mushroom hunting 

Our kids flat refuse to eat these because according to them,
"They're gross!!"

Why ruin a good thing?  We don't have to share.

There are other things I prefer not to share as well....

like snakes

I got into close range for a picture before retreating to the safety of the porch.
 I'm not exactly afraid of snakes.  But I do think "they're gross".

Emily enjoying the beautiful weather last Sunday

Grace and Grant are doing great on Hershey.  He's a sweet little horse.

And if eight ducks are fun, then seventeen ducks are awesome.  Right?

 Our neighbor that raises ducks convinced us of that fact.  She sells more females than males, leaving her population a bit heavy on the male side.  She convinced us to take several male ducks off her hands.

Our female ducks are not too happy with this arrangement.  Boys are stupid.
Enough said.

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