Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NHS and nutrition

This is why our kids are so smart....
they spend mindless hours playing video games while being dragged to activities and events for one another!  LOL

This time it was the National Honor Society induction for Male High School.

Unfortunately, John and Emily's last name appears at the end of the alphabet.
They're in the back row....But they're there!!!

That blur at center stage is John receiving his certificate.  Emily is the blur walking across the front of the stage in front of the other students.

If I asked them to wear matching clothes, they would have thrown a fit.  They picked their own outfits and then proceeded to wear matching clothes once they realized they were dressed like....well, like twins!!

Cory, Emily, Morgan Kast and John before the Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Nope.  John didn't take Katie.  I guess he's keeping all of his options open.

Some nights the kids' activities interfere with dinnertime.  Then it is each man for himself.  Grant loves lunchables.  I told him he could not eat a lunchable for dinner.  It's only slightly healthier than eating candy for dinner.

His dad helped him resolve the problem.  See?  He didn't eat a lunchable.
He ate a SUPPERABLE.  Way to parent, David.  Way to back me up there!!

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