Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Military Ball

March 5 was military ball.  There is a slight chance I have already posted pictures.  There is a high probability I have not.

If you've seen these already, too bad!  You get to see them again.  I downloaded six weeks of pictures today.  Time to play catch up.

Oh, and John informed us this week that he was promoted.  I believe he is now sergeant first class.  I'm not sure how all of the ranks are ordered.  It only took him four weeks to remember and tell us he was promoted.  Way to go John!  Oh, and good job on getting the promotion too.

Getting ready for the ball

Going to get Katie.  We played parent paparazzi since Katie lives up the road from our house.

They had such a great time together at the military ball that they are planning to do a repeat performance for John's junior prom.  I believe Katie invited John to her junior prom as well (at a different school).  I haven't heard much about her prom lately.

More pictures to follow!!

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