Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The View at the Zoo

Pictures found on my camera.... 

David the Doggy Hypnotist

This is love....

 THIS is annoying!
 Good thing we only own two cats.  
Where in the world would a third cat get a drink?

Bella was not thrilled with the extra attention David was giving her.

But both cats will endure some unwanted affection from us humans
because of the wonderful treats we offer the cats.

The cats love Temptations cat treats.
It's sort of like kitty meth.  They are addicted.

The cats will endure our presence in the house 

as long as we  keep supplying them with their favorite kitty crack.

 Here is Grant's version of a mousetrap.
Only his is a hamster trap.

 Yes.  Those little tufts of fur belong to one of Grant's hamsters
 locked in Grant's hamster trap.

Development of the hamster trap took place in the tub
for those instances when the trap failed and the hamster escaped.

I have had a lot of fun lately selling items on ebay.
Mostly I've sold random things we have lying around the house....
things we don't need or use anymore.

The extra cash acquired by this new hobby has been wonderful.
It has caused me to look with new eyes at things lying around the house...
things I might be able to sell for a little extra cash.

Too far, maybe?

I sent this picture to David one day when I was enjoying an ebay induced selling buzz.

He was not amused.
 Remington seemed unaffected by his close brush with the auction block.

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