Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goats and More Goats

Here's baby goat #2.  
 He was born almost two weeks ago.
And was hours old when this picture was taken.

Mom and baby were getting along great.

It was such a surprise to check the goats a couple days later
 and find ANOTHER baby snuggled up with the momma.

Yes.  That's right.
She had twins either two or three days apart.

Having twins of my own, I do not envy her that experience.

Baby #1 is a dark chocolate with black tips

 Baby #2 is a little girl and a bit more red like her grandma

Both babies and their momma are doing great

She has my sympathies.

The first baby goat of the spring is now about six weeks old and also doing great.
He is out in the field now playing with the big goats.

So far it has been a great goat season.

Still only two baby calves.  
More should be coming late March or April.

 Hope you are all doing well.
My lack of posting is due to both a lack of motivation and a lack of material.
My kids are so old there just isn't much to share 
without turning it into a brag blog.

That's not me.

If you're still checking in here and reading about our lives,
 thank you.

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