Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I can't remember what I've posted.  If you've seen any of these, my apologies.

The horses spent a very chilly January day in the barn with an equine dentist.
Justin, the dentist, shows up once a year to make sure the horses' teeth are doing fine.

 Everyone in the barn (except me and the equine dentist) had their teeth floated and filed.
Not much fun for them.
Or me.

But the annual event makes for much happier horses when trail riding,
which in turn makes for much happier trail riders.


And the most awesome way to make happy horses
is to show up with a bucket of sweet feed. 

 The buck of feed works equally well with cows too.

Say hello to one of our newest babies.
We now have two new calves.  This is the oldest calf.

We found the second calf the day it was born.
It wasn't even up and walking yet when we found it.

 Those are the moments that make all the work seem worthwhile!

 Proud Papa 

 And while I'm posting about animals and doctors...
I loaded up two dogs and two cats for their annual checkup.
Don't even try to guess what that cost me! 
It far exceeded the cost of four exams for our children!

Here are Meg and Remington looking on nervously while waiting their turn with the doctor.

 Want to guess who murdered Mr. Elf?

The guilty party was long gone 
when I found Mr. Elf lying in a pool of stuffing.

If I had to place blame, 
I would say Remington is guilty of the murder.

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