Sunday, April 2, 2017

Homey Homes and Cat Homes

 Since David was feeling so generous at Christmas,
I was able to add a couple tables and lamps to our living room 
in addition to our new sofa and chair.


I posted a picture of the new sofa and chair from the day they were delivered,
but I never got a picture posted once we added the extras.

It seems so homey now!
It only took seventeen years living in this house to furnish the living room. 

Do you think we procrastinated a bit too long
getting the job done?

With dogs, cats, kids and babies to care for and entertain,
having nice furniture never seemed very important.

I think it was pretty obvious 
from my abject lack of decorations.

Maybe I can make up for lost time by making it extra homey now.

Grace helped me with the living room decorations...

She used my lamp boxes to make a cat house.
At least the cats feel at home now!

Silly Grace!
Her middle school celebrated spirit week last week.
Here is her outfit that she wore for Decades Day.

It's great to have older kids that have already done these crazy things.
We only had to go as far as Emily's closet to find an outfit to wear.

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