Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Horses and Turkey Hunting

 The weather has been SO MILD this winter and spring.


That has meant lots of days riding horses.  

These were taken on a Saturday a few weeks ago before we left on a ride.

 Grace and Grant have been riding our gentle giant, Romeo this spring because their horse is not able to be ridden right now.

Their horse is Hershey.  Here's a picture of Hershey from last year.

 And here is a picture of Hershey this week.

It makes me so sad (and angry) to see him this way!

Hershey is a young horse, and we don't have enough time to keep him ridden like he should be for the kids to use him.  So we took him to a horse trainer to spend a month.

I know the trainer was well intentioned, but I think he made every possible bad decision when it came to caring for this horse.  By the time we got him back, he had already lost a significant amount of weight and was not eating at all.  His health continued to decline for several days after we got him home.  Even the vet said he only gave him 50/50 odds of surviving.

 Poor fella!

But Hershey is hanging in there and is slowly starting to regain his health.  I'm certain we will not be riding him this summer as we spend the next many months nursing him back to health.  But I'm hopeful with a little luck and a whole lot of answered prayers he will eventually be his former robust self once again.

 David helping Grant with his invention convention
Book Brite Lite

 These two make quite a pair.
David took Grant turkey hunting Easter weekend at the farm.
They had a great time in spite of not killing a Tom.

Maybe next season!


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