Monday, April 24, 2017

Invention Convention Gone Bad

You might be a bit burned out as a parent

when your child needs ideas for 
the annual invention convention
and your best offering is


It seemed like a good idea at the time.

They flavor water with everything now.
Why not beer water?


 Bacon water?


So we came up with an equally lame
but much more socially acceptable invention...

The Book Brite Lite

So what does it actually do?

It's primary purpose is to 
keep my son in the good graces of his teacher.
Other than that, it's handy for holding your book open on your lap 

and lighting the book pages when reading in the dark.

(this was before we put lights on both sides of the marker)

By the way,
Grant got an A on his project.

I think he would have gotten an A
for inventing beer water too.

Just remember,
some day when you're perusing the cooler section 
of your local convenience store
you will find refreshingly cold bottles of
beer flavored water.

And we thought of it first.

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