Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dogs - Dips - Drinks?

How I feel on Sunday.......

How I feel the rest of the week...

Can't you see the difference?

Remington is packing a bit of extra weight these days.  Hey, aren't we all?!  He and I are so excited for summertime.  We are going to start our new exercise routine in hopes of losing the extra weight and finding some extra energy.

Wish us luck!

David tried to get a job dipping bottles for 
Maker's Mark Distillery.

He showed great potential.

He possess a lot of natural talent
handling bourbon bottles.

David 'sponsored' a barrel of bourbon several years ago.

The barrel has now aged enough to get bottled, 
so we recently made a trip to visit the distillery 
and claimed our very own personally dipped bottles of bourbon.

Drinks, anyone?!

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