Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We enjoyed beautiful weather Monday evening
as we enjoyed John and Emily's

 John opened the evening by leading 
the pledge of allegiance.

 After the program,
everyone enjoyed a reception and a chance to take pictures.

John and Rhiane


This picture is a throwback to preschool.
The young lady between John and Emily is Morgan Kast.

She not only finished her high school education with the Shupe kids,
but she also started her education in preschool with John and Emily.

This picture was taken the day of their preschool promotion in 2004.
Weren't they cute?!

Morgan's family has long been friends with the Simms family.
Her grandfather was Harold Kast.
He actually married David and me.

Other friends from the graduating class


The finish line is in sight.
Friday is graduation.

This has to be the most over celebrated high school promotion 
in the history of EVER!

It has been fun,
but I'm ready to return to our regularly scheduled 
boring life.

Grace and Grant finished school today.
Grace finished with a field trip to the movie theater to watch
Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Grant finished with an awards ceremony.
He received honors for High Points Club in Accelerated Reading, a math award
and Honor Roll for the entire year.

Not a bad end to a terrific year!

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