Friday, May 5, 2017

Twelve Years Old and Four Years Old

Happy birthday to Grace.  Waaaaay back in March my younger daughter had another birthday.

Chocolate cake was the requested birthday treat.
She's so easy to please!

Grant's goofiness was quite evident as we moved to the living room to open presents.

He was making fun of his sisters for sitting in such a girlie position.

Presents seemed to have an American Girl theme.  I think every single gift was American Girl!

She celebrated her birthday
with a sleepover at the farm.

Grace and her buddies enjoyed a weekend at the farm 
playing and riding horses.

Our yard has been overrun with boys this spring.
We have new neighbors next door.
They have boys close to Grant's age.

Grant is excited to finally have neighborhood buddies to play with.
We have had a severe lack of boys for the past several years.

And for the record.....

John and Emily are both in the market for new phones.
John's phone works about half the time at best.
Emily's isn't much better.

And my phone?

The battery was expanding and overheating.
The back cover was pushed completely off the back of the phone.
I took it to Cell Phone Doctor today.

After spending $30 for a new battery
and getting a back panel for free 
(because I think the repairman felt sorry for my pathetic phone)

I'm pleased to announce my
iPhone 4S lives to see another day!!

Four years and still going!!

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