Friday, May 19, 2017

Prom 2017

Below are enough pictures to make your retinas bleed.
In no particular order....
because I'm way too overwhelmed right now with daily festivities 
to sort or edit a post!!

Have fun looking!

Excitement began to build on Thursday when Emily sent me this picture.
She and a friend went together to get their nails done for prom.

Emily was not amused that night by her dad's suggestion 
of a trip to the farm to plant the garden.

John before he left our house on prom night. 
I caught John as I was coming home from Grant's soccer game 
and he was heading out the door.

Since Emily did not leave for another two hours,
I do not have a singe picture of them together.

A mom's observation:
Guys are a lot easier to get ready for prom than girls.
Just sayin'.

Emily before she left our house.
She attended a different prom party than John.
 And in classic Kentucky fashion,
she is not wearing her shoes in this picture!

The new trend with hair is to wear it loose and curled.
This is exactly what she wanted.
 She was very pleased with how her hair and dress looked.

Emily's prom dinner party was at a friend's house.

This is a friend, but not Emily's date for prom.
She and several girls and guys chose to go as a group 
and not pair off as couples.
I think it made the evening more fun for everyone.

John's group included five couples...
until one poor guy's date cancelled.

They made the best of the situation though and had a great time anyway.

 John picked Rhiane up at her home.
They are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

 They make a very sweet couple.

Then it was off to meet the rest of their party.

This picture leaves me scratching my head.
Poor Rhiane!

The Selfie Generation

The group enjoyed a limo ride downtown
and stopped to take prom pictures before heading to the dance.

David and I caught up with them again at the airport
where the prom was being held in one of the hangars.

 This is a terrible quality photo,
but you can see they actually held their prom in a hangar.
There were planes in the hangar during the dance.

After prom was over at midnight,
everyone gathered at a classmate's home
for breakfast and a movie.

Both kids were safely home by 4:30 the next morning....
at which time I finally fell asleep knowing my kids were home safe and sound.


You made it.


That's all for today.

I still have a ton of picture from
senior breakfast
senior walk
senior honors night
Bell of Louisville Senior Cruise
band banquet
high school spring concert
middle school spring concert
elementary spring concert
soccer season finals

and on
and on

You get the idea.

Love you!

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