Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grantisms - Part 239 (or something like that)

Mom - (on first day of preschool) So who do you sit beside in class?

Grant - I sit by the gray shirt boy.

Mom - What is his name?

Grant - I told you.  He's gray shirt boy.

Mom - Is his name Bradley? (I'm not psychic.  I knew that from orientation.)

Grant - Yeah.  That too.


Grant - Hey Mom!  Why haven't I ever been to space before?


Grant - Hey Mom! I know what squirrels like to eat.

Mom - What is that?

Grant - They eat coconuts!


Grant - Hey Mom! (I told you he says this a lot.)

Mom - What Grant?

Grant - See that car parked beside ours?  Our cars are the same long.
            (interpretation - our cars are the same size)


Grant - (telling Grace how old he is while role playing with Grace)  I'm seventy-four thousand one hundred and two years old.  That's a grandpa age!


Grant - (informing everyone of what order we're going to be in while playing Candy Land)  I'm number one.  Mom, you're number two.  Emily, you're number three. Grace, you're number last.


Grant - Hey Mom!  Look!  I can run backwards. (shuffling his feet in reverse at a snail's pace)


Grant - Downer!  Left!  Upper! Downer!  Downer!  Right there!  (giving me directions on where exactly to scratch his back.)


Grant - Bye Mom!  Will you be gone a long minute?  (interpretation - a long time)


Grant - This tastes cookie-ish!


Hope you're feeling better, Bethany!!  We love  you.

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