Monday, November 14, 2011

Seeing Orange

That's a lot of orange, isn't it?
Orange is not my favorite color except when worn over camo, then I love it.
At least I love what it's supposed to do.

Can you guess what this guy did last weekend?

Yes, that's a real gun.

The men went hunting to provide for our family.

They failed.
Good thing Kroger is nearby.

This was Grant's first hunting trip ever.
He seemed to enjoy it.  He lasted maybe forty-five minutes before giving up and coming to the house.

He told me he liked it, but it was cold and Dad made him be quiet.
The nerve of him, huh??

I am sure this was the first of many hunting expeditions for this group.
They saw a few and shot at one or two but no luck bringing one down.
Maybe next time.

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