Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kitty update:

She's still alive and hissing kicking.
The vet said she's not doing well based on her lab results.

We discussed at length what to do and came to somewhat of a consensus.
There is no point putting her through the stress of more tests.  She is not a very congenial patient.  The tests would probably indicate either a need for diabetic treatment or thyroid treatment daily.  She's not the kind of cat to take well to much handling.

As long as she seems comfortable and doesn't lose too much more weight, we'll just watch her.
Someday maybe soon, maybe not, we will have to make the decision if her quality of life is still okay.

Until then, she's taken up permanent residency in John's room.  They get along pretty well.  We call him the 'cat guy' because some nights he'll have all three cats on his bed at night.  Yeah, you can say it....oh gross!!

Goodnight, cat guy!
Take good care of Kitty.

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