Monday, November 28, 2011

Losing a Friend

After a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, we arrived home in time to repack and go to the farm for a few days.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent enjoying the unbelievably pretty weather before packing up and returning home Sunday afternoon.

What we encountered at home was not quite so pleasant.

It was quite obvious Kitty was not doing well.

Rather than seeing her suffer even one more day to wait until Monday and take her to the vet, we took her to a vet ER of sorts nearby.

They agreed that any form of treatment was just delaying the inevitable.

So everyone has said their good-byes and Kitty will join the rest of the Shupe pets in a special place on the farm.

John and Emily took the news as well as twelve year olds take news like that.
Grace, of course, cried.
Grant in an effort to comfort his sister patted Grace gently on the back saying, "It's okay, Grace.  We'll see Kitty in Heaven someday."

Now how does a parent argue with four year old theology like that??

We miss you Kitty!

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