Monday, July 9, 2012

Father's Day - Part 2

Still incredibly behind posting....

BUT we're having a lot of fun at the pool in the evenings.

Here's the finished presents in their homemade giftwrap.

Grace and Grant were very proud of their handiwork.

John and Emily didn't get to help with the painting project because that was the week they spent at camp. We actually picked them up from camp on Father's Day.

Grant was so excited for David to see the card he picked.



So what do you get the guy who buys most of his own toys?

He dropped some pretty good hints this year (Thank you dear!) about wanting a satellite radio that can be used in multiple vehicles.  He also got an Illini shirt with Chief on it.  He seemed pleased with the selections.  That or he's a good actor.

Well here's hoping I get caught up on pictures soon and can get back to blogging.  Having kids up late on these summer nights is cutting in to my computer time!