Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water Wars


It would appear David's children are running to greet their father coming home from a hard day's work in the field.

But things aren't always as they appear.

They're really bombing him with water balloons.....

then immediately running for the safety of the porch.

From that vantage point an all out attack was launched on the unsuspecting victim by his loving   children.

He was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

The final attack was delivered by Grace taking direct aim at his face.
Yes, he was still smiling even after that.
What a good sport.

Then it was time to get out the Corn Hole.

Some of us have our own unique methods of playing....like tossing the bags backward over our head.

Can you guess who has turned into a serious blackberry fan this year?

Here's a little guess.

There have not been a lot of blackberries to pick this year, but Grant has eaten one hundred percent of what we've gotten from our patch.

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