Friday, July 13, 2012

Gardens and Raindrops

David took this picture back when the garden was just starting to take off.
Since then things have already come and gone.

We got several beans, peas and cucumbers along with plenty of radishes, lettuce and a few onions.
Tomatoes and corn are just now starting to be ready.
I fixed the first meal of corn on the cob tonight.

It wasn't the best I've ever had given the hot dry summer, but it was still fresh corn!

We have had a few good rains....mostly when David has been trying to cut hay of course.

Here's a little Smurf village that sprang up in our front yard.

Grace and Grant made short work of crushing all the little Smurf homes.

They had a great time stomping and spalshing in the yard and road before the heavy rain finally moved on through the area.

Oh how summers like this remind us to be ever thankful and not take things like weather for granted.

Stay cool!

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