Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Four Hours

That is the time I spent sitting with my six year old in a doctor's office today for a scheduled appointment.  The appointment lasted all of ten minutes.

We have been taking Grant to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon since he was a few months old.  He has been a crooked little boy (internally only, not to the naked eye) his entire life.  He had a spinal curve that set in motion a referral to Dr. P.  The purpose was to watch for continuing signs of scoliosis.  Grant had the dubious honor of having a CT scan at the tender age of three months followed by a series of x-rays to watch him grow.  In the beginning, we went every few months, then six months, then we stretched to every year.

I hate very few things, but I HATE waiting on this doctor.  Three hours is an average wait time to see him.  I have stuck with him because he is supposed to be the very best in town at what he does.  For a good cause, I will suffer the quirks of a good doctor.

Thankfully, I can now announce I have grown old sitting in that waiting room for the last time.

Dr. P gave Grant a clean bill of health today and released him back to his regular pediatrician.

Great news.

Grant is probably a bit saddened at the news though.

He just spent three hours glued to my iPad then my iPhone until both had run out of battery life.  He was in HEAVEN.  My insanity was his heaven.

I guess it is all in how you look at it. 


Once pictures.

I got home and fed the kids dinner, then David and I left on a whim and watched LINCOLN before it disappeared from theaters.  Great movie.  I cannot think of a more perfectly suited role for Sally Field than that of Mary Todd Lincoln.  My distaste of both ladies is great.  They rank somewhere near Dr. P on my list of least favorite personalities.

Happy Wednesday!!

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