Tuesday, February 5, 2013


we are slowly getting less soggy here.
The guys from Servpro have been in my house daily since Sunday
working to get things dried out.
It looks like the wood floors will survive with only a good sanding and refinishing.
Now I wish we had NOT had the floors done a year ago
since insurance is paying to have them refinished now.
Upstairs, there isn't much known yet.
They are trying to dry out under the cabinet in our bathroom and under the tile floor.
Fun times I tell you.
No Disney pictures downloaded yet.
I will work on that another day.
I do want to make a couple observations and acknowledgements tonight though.
Two years ago when we went to Disney about this same time of year
John and Emily missed their semester awards program at school.
John missed being awarded the title of Mr. Barret of the sixth grade class that day.
Well, guess what.
Two years later and I have now made my daughter miss being awarded
Miss Barret of the eighth grade class.
I figure that makes me an incredibly bad parent.
My only consolation is that I have emotionally damaged my kids equally.
I want to say how old I feel.
I sat down with John and Emily today to look through the high school course catalog and fill out their schedule for next year.
Even more amazing is that in four short years we will be selecting college courses
 instead of high school classes.
Time moves so quickly.
I don't move all that fast anymore,
and I am okay with that.

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