Thursday, February 7, 2013


We did go to Disney.
Still no pictures (other than this one) downloaded.
David took this one right before we left.
I don't know when we will get back to Disney. 
With John and Emily going into high school next year,
they have to work hard to get caught up after being gone an entire week.
I'm sure that will become more of an issue as they enter high school.
Grant and I made homemade peanut butter today.
On our trip home from Disney, we stopped at Adcock's Pecan store in Valdosta.
We also stopped at a Logan's for dinner.
Logan's has barrels of peanuts that diners can shell and eat.
They encourage diners to throw shells on the floor.
My kids thought throwing shells on the floor was great fun.
Grant however did not like the taste of peanuts.
He was shocked to learn peanut butter was made from peanuts.
When we got home, we had to prove that the delicious peanut butter Grant loves to eat
comes from the peanuts that he found so offensive.
We made peanut butter.
He was not impressed.
Skippy and Jif will not be calling us to come work for them.
According to Grant, it was peanut butter, but it was not GOOD peanut butter.
Most of the blowers are now gone from our house.
The Servpro guys are coming tomorrow for a final check (hopefully) and will remove the remaining dehumidifier and blower in the kitchen.
I will not miss the noise.
Now to see what insurance will do to help us fix this mess.

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