Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Bee-ginner Beekeeper

The Newbee
I had a little assistant today while checking on the bees.
Check out the color of the boots if you are unsure which little Shupe helped.

The bees have survived the winter very well so far.
I will feed them the next time we get a warm weekend just to ensure they don't run out of food before spring arrives.
Here we are removing bees from the bottom of a hive feeder.
There are several bees sitting at the entrance of the hive too.
My assistant was very brave and quite helpful too.
Busy weekend at the farm this weekend.
We're trying to get early prep work done before spring gets here.
Today we fertilized trees in the orchard and also fed the horses and cows.
We worked inside the house several hours too.
One of the main things we did this weekend was tap some maple trees.
We have several gallons of sap collected.
I am optimistic that we will have some maple syrup in a day or two.
Wish me luck with that one.

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