Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby G Update

Baby G is doing well.  He keeps me busy as witnessed by my lack of blogging.
His birth mother went to court today to terminate parental rights.
I cannot imagine the selflessness required to make that decision.

Baby G will meet his very excited adoptive parents on Wednesday if all go as planned.

The juxtaposition of today's events is painful.

While this day represents the realization of Baby G's parents' hopes and dreams,
for others this day will be remembered as a day of horrific loss.

Once again....

praying for one who so selflessly gave her child a new path in life.

praying for those in Oklahoma who have lost so much in such a short time.

praying for those who hold onto hope that their babies will be found alive.

praying for those whose losses go beyond mere possessions and homes.

praying for those who begin to rebuild with renewed hope for the future.

Lord, give them strength to face the task set before them.

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