Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Grant showing off his silly putty necklace....
"Not me!"
was the answer I received when I asked Grant who played with silly putty in the car.
Silly Putty + carpet = FOREVER
Grant has been busy lately.
riding bikes
practicing baseball
coloring pictures of monster trucks
washing the cat
Yes, washing the cat.
He said yesterday he was going to go wash the cat.
I said "have fun" without really thinking about what he had actually said he was going to do.
Soon he was back to announce to David and me that the cat was clean.
Yes indeed.
The cat was clean.

I did not go check on the condition of the bathroom.
I left it to the guys to clean up the mess.
I am not sure who enjoyed this little trick more
Grant, the cat, or David
I might have to say David found more humor in it than either Grant or the cat.
I'm pretty sure the cat was not amused.

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