Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether this Mother's Day
is your first or forty-first,
we wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!
This little guy made someone a mother this year.
In order to make the day extra special he decided to find his thumb.
In just the past two days he has discovered he has hands.
He just sometimes can't remember where they are!
We had a very nice day.
We enjoyed a great sermon at church
then after lunch took the kids shopping for summer clothes.
I was given some wonderful cards as well as carefully selected gifts including this fruit arrangement which Emily picked out.
Hope your day was special too.
Congratulations to Joselyn.
We are very proud of your accomplishments.
There really is "Something About Women"!
There is something special about you too.
Best wishes in all you do as you begin to write the next chapter of your story.
Big things are ahead.
Grant has big news too.
He lost tooth number four Friday.
Pictures to follow.
Don't figure he would be amused if I woke him up for a photo op at eleven at night!
Instead how about a look at the very neat pirate treasure chest his dad helped him build last weekend?
He was so proud of it that he took it to school.
He let the class use it to pick their treasure out of on Friday instead of using the plastic storage box they usually pick treasure from.
He is still working hard at baseball.  I think his team is 3-0 now.
No one can really be sure based on the crazy scoring at the games.
He is working to get another game ball for being the player of the game.
We'll see if he can do it.

 And before I go I thought I would share some pictures I sent to Baby G's new mom on her very first Mother's Day.
This is the practice shot I took.
I sent his parents a different shot of this, but will refrain from sharing here.
We ditched the blanket for the rest of the shots.
You get the idea.

Happy Mother's Day
from the Shupes
and Baby G

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