Friday, May 24, 2013

Loose Ends

Trying to update some things around here and keep the family journal current.
First, Baby G went home with his new mom and dad Wednesday afternoon.
I cannot tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to lay him in the arms of his mother and introduce her to her new son.

I did not cry
until later.
Sleep has been a blessed relief the past two nights.
I can handle sleepless nights for a while, but I will say once again that I am too old to raise another baby.
The mere thought of a toddler to care for full time give me hives.
< smile >
Here is a look at the new kitchen cabinets that I am
I am giving them one more week before I start calling to see what the heck the hold-up is.

Grace is learning the breaststroke in swim class.
It would appear water is not required to swim the breaststroke!

During opening day at the ballpark where Grant and John play ball....
they had tons of inflatables.
Now every time we go to the ballpark the two younger kids want to know if there will be inflatables.
EVERY TIME I have to explain to them that
the inflatables were only for opening day!

Grace's school did a karate program through a local karate academy.
Any child that finished the level one program at school could go to the
karate academy on "promotion night" to receive their next belt
and demonstrate what they had learned.
Of course there was a sales pitch included trying to get parents to sign their kid up for another set of lessons.

Grace (in the pink shirt) loved the class
and left in tears when I refused to sign another child up for another activity.
I have my sanity limit
and I exceeded it about four kids and ten activities ago!!

Speaking of activities and insanity,
we have opted for letting Ronald McDonald or his good friend Wendy cook for us a lot more lately.
I need a chauffer's license instead of a chef's license.
I am never home long enough to cook.
I am constantly running one person here and another person there.
Yes, I know.
I keep repeating to myself as I drive....
I'm gonna miss this.
I know I will.
Looking forward to a great Memorial Day weekend.
Remember those who served and serve today.

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