Monday, May 13, 2013

Fingers Crossed!

Doesn't everyone make Derby horses

from swimming pool noodles?
Grant has been busy at school again making cool crafts.

The orchard after we finished mulching it this spring.
So far the crop looks pretty promising.
Fingers crossed.

Garden after we planted it.
With all of the rain we had since planting,
we might be replanting parts of it soon.
What is bad for the garden is good for the pond though.
It is finally filling up.  It is at the highest level I have seen it yet.
Again, fingers crossed!

Fingers uncrossed for this one, please!
Grace practicing her newest piano piece.
I obviously did not teach her to sit in a laundry basket while playing.
I do not know the logic behind this decision.
Maybe that is best.

Recross those fingers, please!
We are hoping to watch these three baby birds grow up this spring.
They are in an evergreen tree right off our deck.
The third one has hatched now and all are doing well so far.
Grant and Grace beg to look at them multiple time each day.
Fingers crossed for a court date for Baby G this week!!!

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