Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

The guys on the field before a Reds game. 
Grant was unimpressed, but I think John and David both enjoyed the experience.
Pirates were playing Reds that night.
A friend of David's is good friends with the Pirates manager and got the passes.
John's season is officially over.
They could not hand the Red Sox two defeats, thus ending their season in second place.
Second place is only first loser....
unless it involves your son who has worked hard all season.
Then second place is pretty darn good I think.
Congratulations to Joselyn and Pat.
Wedding bells will be ringing someday in their future.
May God be with you and bless you;
May you see your children's children.
 May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings,
May you know nothing but happiness.
 From this day forward.
Or something like that!
Welcome to the family, Pat.
Off to the farm for a work trip.
Our kitchen is finally being done this week.
Deck is about finished.
Swingset replacement pieces are ready to be installed.
The swingset will be the next recipient of a new coat of stain.
This has definitely been a messy summer around here, but it is all progress.

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