Monday, July 8, 2013


I took John to batting cages one evening to practice with his team.
I had all of the kids with me so I took the other three to a nearby Toys R Us.
Big mistake.
Now I remember why we NEVER go in that store.
I walked out of there fifty dollars poorer than when I went in.
Sad, I know.
Part of the "I Wants" from Grace and Grant included a toy dog for Grace and something Grant found called Octonauts.
I had never heard of them.
Neither had he before we entered Toys R Us that night.
But by the time we were leaving, he was sure he would meet a certain death if we left the store without purchasing "just one" for him.
Since then he has used his own money along with some cash he has suckered his dad out of acquired from selling his old toys.
These things are his new favorite toy.
Need any ideas for Christmas?
I'll tell you which ones he still doesn't have.

Three cheers!
The pond is full.
It only took six inches of rain in three days to fill it.
Now if it will stay that way.
Fingers crossed.

Thank you parents for a wonderful family gathering at your house Saturday.
Everyone had a great time.

Hope you did too.
Congratulations on 50 years together.
You have a lot to be proud of with that milestone.


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