Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moving Forward

Life seems to move forward at a speed I never thought possible.  Two weeks have passed with nary a post in sight.  We have been at the farm the past couple weeks.

Lots of things have happened. Some marking the milestones of children growing up too fast.  Some fixing the problems life throws our way.  Some to be celebrated.  Some to be mourned.

John is sporting a new set of hardware on his teeth.  He will be a year or so with a metal grin.  So far he has done well with them.  When you see him, tell him your war stories of your own braces if you had them.

John and Emily marked another year.  They are now fourteen.  The teen years are not so unbearable after all.  I love sharing their hopes and dreams and plans for the future.  Where did the days of Playdoh and Barbies go?

Our kitchen cabinets which were damaged by the water leak a few months back were refinished while we were gone.  I am slowly putting things back and getting life back to normal.  Cooking is an adventure when the entire contents of the kitchen are sitting on the living room and office floor in Kroger bags. 

My niece is sporting a shiny new rock on her ring finger.  Congratulations Pat.  She is a terrific girl. 

We also marked the loss of two members of our extended family.  Both will be missed.  We send thoughts and prayers to those most feeling their absence.


Keep moving forward. 

Right now that means finding the peanut butter so my kids can have some lunch today.

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