Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grant (and a little bit of Grace)

Climbing trees
Flag waving

Flag distributing

This is one of the loads of flags we passed out in our neighborhood before Memorial Day.
Grant was my helper.
I drove and he stuffed mailboxes.
There are exactly six hundred houses in our neighborhood.
Of those six hundred I think we counted about thirty houses that did not display the flag we passed out for Memorial Day.
We considered it worth the time and effort.
Many people commented how nice the neighborhood looked with all of the flags on display.
Some people put the flag back up for Fourth of July.
We had a few flags left over.
Grace and Grant have been putting them to good use playing with them.

Grant "being a puppy" on the way to the farm.
He and Grace love to hang their heads out the window and pant like dogs.
Weird. I know.
Yes, I took this with my phone while driving down the road.
Not much risk of distracted driving causing a crash out there.
I am more likely to miss a curve than hit another car.
I don't drive fast enough to worry about doing either.
Grant getting a closer view of the carwash doing its thing.
Notice the lack of clothing.  I tell you he would make a great K N -E -W -D HI -ST (misspelled on purpose to keep weirdos from looking at my kids online).

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