Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pool and School

Still having fun at the pool.
I don't know what they were trying to do, but they wanted a picture of themselves doing it!

The towel is bigger than she is, but she walked around during break with it on her head anyway.
John's (lame) imitation of the girls' towel act.



Bella has been missing her TV time since Grant is in school all day.
He grabs her for a few minutes in the afternoon before heading off to play and do homework.
Doesn't she look like she missed this??
Last night was open house at Grace and Grant's school.
The entire family went.
Grace and Grant spent an hour showing us where they sit in the various classrooms and introducing us to their teachers both old and new.
After nine years some of these people are starting to feel like family!
I love to watch them love and hug on our kids.
It is apparent they really love what they do.
John and Emily always enjoy visiting with former teachers.
They spent the evening catching up with their favorites.
Open house and homework made for a late night.
I took two tired kids to school this morning!
Have a good day!

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