Monday, November 11, 2013

Black Eyes - Braces - Beautiful Fall Day - Veterans Day

Braces Girl
We find out tomorrow when she has her first official appointment.
She is actually excited since her best friend got braces this summer.
Two in braces at the same time

Black eye boy
His eye got a bit to friendly with a little girl's head on the playground.
It is obvious from the damage inflicted that her head is much harder than his!
It looks pretty good now.  He did it Monday of last week so it is starting to fade some. 
 Double Ouch


Jefferson Memorial Forest

family hike

I guess one would question why we went to a park to walk when we have all kinds of trees to look at on the farm.

The answer would be that we were in town.
No one wanted to drive the hour to the farm to go hiking.
Jefferson Memorial Forest is a 6200 (not a typo) acre park in the middle of Louisville with more than fifty miles of trails.
This is a shot of downtown Louisville from the trail we hiked.

half way point

Kids were home from school today in honor of our veterans.
We enjoyed the pretty weather and worked in the yard.
More importantly we talked about what this day really means other than a day out of school.

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