Saturday, November 16, 2013

Case #002 - The Case of the Missing Tassel

For almost ten years, there has been an unsolved mystery in this house.
John and Emily graduated kindergarten almost ten years ago.
Their cute little graduation gear included tassels that they were allowed to keep.
By the end of summer one tassel was lost.
No one knew what happened to it.
No one would admit to losing their tassel.
As was their nature at the time, John and Emily did the only thing they knew to do in such a situation.
They argued
about who should keep the one remaining tassel.
Mother had enough.
I did the only thing I knew to do in such a situation.
I lied to my kids.
I hid the other tassel and told them it had gotten lost.
Peace was once again restored to the zoo.
Well, at least until they found something new to fight about.
But I digress.
Fast forward to today.
You will never guess what I found while cleaning out the safe in the storage room.
Well, probably you can guess.
The tassel!!
For ten years it has been hiding in a coin box where little hands long ago put it.
Mystery of the missing tassel solved.
So now I have reunited the junior graduates with their tassels, the one recently found and the one I have had hidden in my dresser for the past ten years.
Each time I would run across the tassel, I would wonder once more what had become of the other one.  Now we know.
I am certain I will sleep better at night with this knowledge.
Case #002 - The Case of the Missing Tassel
Case #003 - How Does She Do That??
Some mysteries may never be solved!
I have no idea how she folds herself into such tiny places.


  1. Uncle John says give her a peanut butter sandwich in there and a bottle of water and mail her to us!!

  2. We would miss her too much! I have a couple dogs I'm willing to ship pretty cheap if you're interested!!